Nike Just Does It Again

It’s amazing what we deem as important or what we think is a big issue in this country. What we, as Americans, see as a big deal is really not. We get attracted by the big, shiny object over in the corner. While the real issues are looking at us square in the face. Nike has shown me again why this country will talk about an advertisement for days on end and not a real issue such as homeless, racism, or helping our veterans out.

Nike in my opinion is the best advertising company out there. The Swoosh has always come up with innovative ways to communicate the message that they want. This week was no different.

The company is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary of the “Just Do It” campaign in a way that screams Nike.

Even before the television ad for their new advertising campaign came out Nike was already getting publicity for it. The print ad alone generated plenty of watercooler talk. Publicity is publicity whether it’s good or bad. Nike knows this aspect for sure and doesn’t flinch from it.

The other thing Nike knows is that Americans have selective outrage about things. This is really the American pastime to me.

By now you know that Colin Kaepernick, former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, is one of the faces of the new marketing campaign for Nike. The frenzy of pushback and support that this ad created was incredible.

It’s incredibly misplaced anger and pushback.

The ad phrase that is attached with Nike’s ad is: “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

You combine this ad phrase with Kaepernick and you have a combustible situation with some people. Many people will see this as an insult to the military.

“He didn’t sacrifice anything. He gets paid millions of dollars.” fanboy said.

Kaepernick has also donated millions of dollars of his own money to causes. Keep that in mind as well.

There are different types of sacrifices people. The are military sacrifices, career sacrifices, and personal sacrifices. I think we can all agree on that. However, by saying that he didn’t sacrifice anything is a little misguided.

It just is.

One can argue that he didn’t sacrifice enough to keep playing football, his drive, etc. That is a legit point.

But he did sacrifice his standing in the NFL by taking a knee. That was a career ender right there.

Should it have been?


Once the print ad came out with Kaepernick’s face on it all the people who view him has Satan started hashtags like #JustBurnIt or #BoycottNike. Those hashtags actually started trending on Twitter.

Then the burning video’s started. Some in this country were SO outraged that they wanted to burn their Nike gear.

That’ll show Nike.

I just laughed at these idiots. They were burning already purchased Nike apparel.

Hey moron, Nike doesn’t care what you do with your gear after the purchase. You just burned away the money you spent. Stop with your fake outrage.

If they truly wanted to show their outrage then these people should have said something about the company’s child labor conditions.

Just saying.

If you don’t want to have Nike gear anymore, go give it to a homeless shelter, a homeless military veteran, or a Goodwill. Stop thinking that burning the gear is sending a message to Nike. Nike is in the business to make money. Period.

However, Nike is in the business of creating a buzz as well.

Last I checked, that buzz from this ad alone is up around $43 million. The online sales of the apparel giant’s clothes and shoes is up 31% since the ad came out. There are more people supporting this ad than any of you who are burning Nike clothes, cutting the logo out, or saying we should boycott Nike.

Those of you that say Nike will be affected in a big way are just wrong. Nike is a world-wide company. The Chinese, Europeans, Indians, and any other country are not going to stop buying Nikes. Short term and long term Nike will be just fine.

The irony of the whole situation is that this ad is what got everybody fired up to publicly protest.

A public protest? What? This sounds vaguely familiar.

This whole faux outrage over this Nike ad is so American.

Historically, this selective outrage has always been around in this country. We ignored slavery for a long time, while vocalizing our displeasure with human sexuality. I have not seen any marching in the streets or burning of Rosary’s over the Catholic Priest sex abuse scandal.

Taking a knee on a football field can not be tolerated, but violence against children is?

There are so many of us that are only drawn into our personal biases. We cherry-pick what we want to protest. We only protest when it fits our personal narrative.  This is what is happening here with this ad.

We have homeless vets, racism, an educational system that is underfunded, healthcare issues, and a divided culture in this country. However, this ad is what we lose our collective minds about?

Ok, America you keep up your selective outrage about little things and the big things will slip right on by quick enough to destroy the fabric of this nation.

Image: Google