Mesa High’s Kris Jackson Commits to Weber State University

The best running back in the state of Arizona has chosen where he is going to go to college. Weber State University is where powerhouse running back Kris Jackson will spend the next four years of his life. He couldn’t be happier about his decision. However, that’s not the whole story behind who this young running back is.

Kris Jackson is an athlete that just gets it. You know it when you hear it or see it. The young grace with which this football player handles himself is something that has been instilled in him by his parents. He is forever grateful for the parental guidance that he has received throughout his young life.

“My parents are divorced, but that didn’t stop the good advice and help I have got from them. My Mom and Dad have always been there for me. It has not mattered that they are not together. They have remained really good friends, so that has allowed me to be able to go to either one for anything. My parents stay on me about everything.” Jackson explained.

When parents split up it is a tough thing for any young person to deal with, but when the parents realize that the well-being of their child is at stake, good things can happen.

Those good things have happened for Kris Jackson.

Kris Jackson finished the season with some of the gaudiest numbers in Mesa High history. These numbers caught the attention of coaches at Weber State, but Weber State caught Kris’s attention as well.

On Tuesday, Jackson committed to Weber State University. He will officially sign his LOI in early February.

Weber State is in the Big Sky Conference and is in the middle of a facilities upgrade that really caught Kris Jackson’s attention.

“The indoor practice facility is really nice. The school also has fields that are turf and grass. The weight room that they are building is around 9,500 square feet. It will be strictly for the football program. The football field is right on a mountain, so it’s nice. When I was there I saw snow on the mountains, and it was beautiful. There isn’t anything that I didn’t like about the school. The vibe I got from the coaches convinced me that I should be going to school up there.” Jackson explained.

Here is what Weber State is getting with Kris Jackson.

Jackson is 5’11”, 210lb, rushed for 1,933 yards, and 18 total touchdowns. Going into the playoffs he was the number two running back in the state of Arizona, but after the playoffs he was the number six ranked rusher. Mesa didn’t make the playoffs, so Jackson didn’t get a chance to add to his rushing total. Jackson ran for 3,683 yards and scored 40 touchdowns in his Mesa High varsity career.

If all goes according to his plan, he’ll have a similar outcome with his statistics at Weber State.

“The offense is downhill. That’s exactly how I like to play.” Jackson said.

To be the running back he wants, he has some inspiration to look back on. Jackson is a student of the game, but like any other athlete, he has tried to incorporate things from his favorite players to put into his game.

“Growing up, I didn’t know much about Walter Payton, but when I played flag football I had number 34 on the back of my jersey. I really liked him. However, as I grew up and learned more about the game I looked at different players. This past year, I wanted to develop more patience in my game, so I looked at Le’Veon Bell. His patience is outstanding. I like Herschel Walker because he was super strong and could run people over. Bo Jackson is probably at the top of the list.” Jackson mentioned.

Inspiration comes in many forms, and Jackson’s coaches provide that for him.

“In my 8th grade year, I played for a different youth football coach. His name is Gene Williams, and he turned around my whole idea about football and taking it to the next level. He told me that I made a difference with that team. Coach Williams explained how I made the team better, and he got me started on my football career. He opened my eyes about turning football into something for me. I am so grateful for him.” Jackson explained.

Kris Jackson is extremely grateful for Coach Taylor and Coach Kap and the job they have done with trying to get the program headed in the right direction.

“He had a big impact on me. He and Coach Kap came in late. I think he came in late July and we were up at camp wondering what was going to happen. He turned things around because we didn’t know what we were doing. We didn’t have a coach. They calmed us down. The coaches really got to put in their structure about how the program was going to be built. Me and the younger players saw that we had to play together and be there for one another. They are making that happen.” Jackson mentioned.

This sounds like a kid that understands what it means to be a complete teammate. He pushes himself to be great everyday, he appreciates what his coaches have done for him, and he knows that there have been numerous people along the way that have helped him. It is a continuing journey for Kris Jackson, but this is journey that he is soaking in every minute of everyday.

Keep doing what you’re doing Kris. The opportunity you have only comes around a few times, so grab ahold of it.