Colin Kaepernick: Being Blackballed or Not?

Free speech is still part of the constitution correct? Last time I checked free speech was still listed as something that was guaranteed in the United States of America. However, if your name is Colin Kaepernick or someone of color, it doesn’t apply. When you take a stand against some social injustice in this country it can hurt your standing in our culture. Whether it hurts you physically, emotionally, or with your ability to earn a living it doesn’t matter. You still get shunned in this country. Look at Muhammad Ali’s life and what it cost him in this country. Taking a stand against is a difficult thing to do and right now Colin Kaepernick is in the crosshairs of our society.

Colin Kaepernick is getting blackballed by people in the NFL. Plain and simple.

For a guy that hasn’t assaulted anybody, driven drunk, killed anybody, committed any other felony, Colin Kaepernick is certainly being treated like a criminal.

His stand against injustice with people of color or of the disadvantaged has caused an uproar in this country, especially in the sports world. We all know that he took a knee in NFL games as the National Anthem was be performed, but he had been sitting even before a photographer took of picture of him sitting during the anthem. Other players on the San Francisco 49ers joined in the protest to kneel during the anthem and other players around the NFL became part of the protest. It was a non-violent, peaceful way of protest to show that people of color do get treated differently in this country.

Fast forward to August 2017.

There have been open jobs for a backup quarterback. Colin Kaepernick could compete for some starting jobs in the NFL. There have been guys from the Arena Football League that have landed jobs. Players with no NFL experience are landing jobs or players with limited NFL success are getting jobs, like Blaine Gabbert.

Colin Kaepernick got his team within a play or two of winning the Super Bowl, won a NFC Championship game, thrown for over 12,000 yards, thrown 72 touchdowns, and has 69 games worth of NFL experience. Experience usually counts for something when somebody is looking for a job. However, in this case, it does not.

People say that he crossed a line when he knelt during the anthem, which in many people’s eyes he disrespected the flag. No way he disrespected the flag. People have fought and died for all of us to have the freedom to say what we want and to protest what we want as well. There were plenty of people who didn’t like what Muhammed Ali did, but he was guaranteed under the First Amendment to do what he did. He was standing up for something he believed in. Kaepernick is doing the same thing under the First Amendment.

There are many people in the country that I find personally repulsive, but I know they have their constitutional rights. When free speech is taken away then we start going down the road of what happens in Russia, the Middle East, or North Korea. Do you really want that to happen here in the United States?

I don’t think you do.

There are no laws or bylaws that say a team has to employ anybody or that they have to employ a former player. NFL teams are private enterprises, so they can do whatever they want with their respective franchises.

However, to say that Kaepernick isn’t getting blackballed is getting tough to do.

With the Baltimore Ravens needing somebody because of Joe Flacco’s back injury and their back up Ryan Mallet reportedly playing so poorly in practice you think one of the possible places for Colin Kaepernick would be in Baltimore. Maybe not. Plus, the connection with a Harbaugh would be something that both parties would look at in a positive light. Evidently, not. The coach and GM of the Ravens want to give him a shot, but the owner, the one that cuts the checks does not. You think he is worried about the fan reaction? You bet he is.

Isn’t the purpose of playing football to win? Last time I checked it was.

The owner doesn’t want to add a talented player to his roster? If the team goes with Ryan Mallet they are simply saying that they don’t want talent on their team. Kaepernick comes in and you immediately get an experienced player with talent under center. What more could you ask for if you are a Raven’s fan?

The only reason that Kaepernick isn’t on the Ravens is because of his “baggage”, if you want to call that. If having a platform that many don’t and trying to speak up for the disadvantage is baggage then you seriously have something wrong going on between the ears.

The Miami Dolphins are now in a position to stop the madness of Colin Kaepernick being unemployed. There has been talk of Jay Cutler getting a call before Kaepernick. What? Cutler? If that happens, the idea that Kaepernick is getting blackballed should become very real for football fans.

A grown man is showing his First Amendment rights, hasn’t committed a crime, donated his own money to the cause, but still is not employable?

It is about time that Colin Kaepernick gets another shot at being a professional quarterback. It is also time that people are allowed to exercise their First Amendment rights without fearing repercussions.



Image: Google