Do the Phoenix Suns Turn into Dealers at the NBA Draft?

The offseason for NBA is the equivalent of a soap opera for its fans. No other major sports league can come close to all the rumors, innuendo, and change that the NBA can. The NBA Draft is a mere two days away and everybody that is a fan of the NBA is salivating at the possibilities that could be awaiting there team.

In Phoenix, the Suns are in the middle of a massive rebuild and the fans understand that, but the fans in the Valley of the Sun want to see progress as the team goes through this rebuild. Going into this upcoming draft the rumor mill with the Phoenix Suns is pretty hot right now.

What should the Suns do this year?

Well, that is an excellent question and depending on who you ask you will get a ton of different answers.

Option 1: Phoenix has the number four pick, so the option here would be stay put. Being in the top five of the NBA Draft is good place to be, but for the Suns they¬†want to get to the playoffs in the next year or two. The Suns don’t want to be a perennial lottery team. Who can Phoenix pick up with the number four pick? We all know that Philadelphia will take Markelle Fultz. That’s a no-brainer.

Next up are the Los Angeles Lakers. Now that the Lakers have traded D’Angelo Russell to Brooklyn, all signs point to Lonzo Ball from UCLA. Say what you want about Lavar Ball, Lonzo’s father, but Lonzo does have NBA talent. Ball will go number two.

Picking third will be the Boston Celtics. With trader Danny Ainge acquiring draft picks like candy, who knows what the Celtics do. I will say they stay put and take Jayson Tatum from Duke. I wouldn’t be surprised if Josh Jackson from Kansas goes to the Celtics, but I think the better fit for Boston will be Tatum.

Now it’s the Phoenix Suns turn. If the Celtics take Tatum, I think the play is to take Josh Jackson. He has length, plays defense, does the dirty work, and he has that “dog” mentality. He wants to win and will do just about anything to win. The dark horse pick for me is Lauri Markkanen, from Finland by way of the University of Arizona. Markkanen certainly has length, size, he can shoot from the outside and has a post game. You can’t coach height and you can never have to many quality post players. Markkanen is a quality big man. He would be a power forward in the NBA.

Many people like De’Aaron Fox from Kentucky. I like his athleticism and his game. If you remember, he tore up Lonzo Ball when the two went head to head during the college basketball season. However, he’s a guard. What do the Suns have in abundance? Guards. The Suns have solid guards. I think fans of the Suns salivate at a backcourt of Fox and Devin Booker, but adding another guard does nothing for the progress of Phoenix Suns to continue.

Option 2: The next option is to trade out of the number four pick. The choice here is two-fold. The Suns can be a team that is a facilitator for a three team trade like they rumored to be with the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier in the week. If that is the play for the Suns then you can be guaranteed that management for the Suns will be getting an expiring contract from a team like Cleveland, but almost certainly the Suns will be getting draft picks. Seeing that Suns GM is Ryan McDonough, who learned his job under Celtic GM Danny Ainge, acquiring draft pick assets will be of upmost importance.

If the Suns do indeed trade out of their number four position, then this option makes more sense to me. The Sacramento Kings have two picks within the top ten of this NBA Draft. Ryan McDonough would be wise to explore this option with the Kings. The rumors are that the Kings like Josh Jackson and De’Aaron Fox, so if the Kings are willing to part with both the number five and number 10 pick for the number four pick the Suns need to make this deal. Missing out on getting¬†two picks within the top 10 of the NBA Draft would be a mistake in my opinion.

The Suns have options, but they are playing things pretty close to the vest. Ryan McDonough will do what he thinks is best for the team and what is to make this rebuilding process continue a positive trend upward.


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