It’s Only Getting Worse at Baylor University

Baylor University. What came to your mind? If you said cover-up, ignorance, or most likely rape you would be like most people in this country. What is happening in Waco, Texas is beyond shameful and embarrassing for the private school. The cover-up at the Baptist based school is even worse and the denial of the coaches, administration, and fans of what was happening is staggering.

For those people who have lived in their own little cocoon the last couple years let me provide some history and context.

In the last couple of years Baylor has been under intense scrutiny for ignoring sexual assaults that occurred on campus with their football team. The administration at Baylor has been accused of trying to sweep the assaults under the rug and out of the public forum. The local police have been accused of letting the football players off because they were football players. The coaches according to others looked the other way because winning football games was more important than protecting students on campus.

To put it simply, things at Baylor University are a complete mess.

With the bombshell that came out on Wednesday that female students were not only gang raped, but that those gang rapes were recorded by the alleged perpetrators it is time for the football program to be shut down.


It is obvious to anybody with a functioning brain that Baylor can’t get their house in order and nobody wants to take responsibility for not protecting woman in the athletic department or other women around campus.

Winning hides many flaws in a football program or any athletic program. It doesn’t matter if those flaws are on the field of play or off the field, something is still being glossed over and hidden.

Being a parent of a daughter, this is disturbing. If this is happening at a major university like Baylor, how many other places is it happening at? Look, I am not living in some bubble. I know it happens on other campuses. However, the extent to which is has occurred at Baylor makes me wonder why women or the parents of these women would want their child to go to Baylor.

For this Christian university to proclaim itself as some kind of moral compass, this would be a good time for Baylor to live up to that creed.

Let’s just say it like it is.

There is a rape culture at Baylor.

A graduate of Baylor has accused 31 players of 52 acts of rape, which includes five gang rapes as well. The former student said the rapes occurred between 2011-2014. The young lady bringing the lawsuit also alleges that she was one of the victims of these rapes. She goes on to mention that Tre’Von Armstead and Shamycheal Chatman were the two football players that raped her. She is suing under Title IX violations and negligence.

52 acts of rape. 52.

It’s hard to wrap your head around that immense number. Imagine if that was your school, your daughter, or your niece that fell victim to this type of violence. What would you want to do? Since this is a family website, I will only say it would involve rubber bands and a pair of pliers.

Imagine the amount of ignorance that it would take to not know what was going on.  Art Briles was so tone deaf it’s staggering. What made the head coach ignore what was happening with his players?


From 2011-2015, Baylor was 50-15 and relevant for the first time in football. The team was lighting up the scoreboard at home and on the road. They ran a quick strike, spread offense that made fans come to the games in droves. The fans cheered the violence on the field. What the fans ignored was the violence off the field.

The ignorance to all this off the field violence ran all the way to the top admin at the school.

The irony of the situation was the President of Baylor at the time was Ken Starr. Yes, that Ken Starr who lead an investigation into President Clinton’s transgressions while he was in office.

Now the shoe was on the other foot and Starr was ignoring the assaults committed by his school’s football team. Oh, the irony.

Coach Briles and Ken Starr have been relieved of their duties at the school.

Briles has denied any knowledge of what was happening and has filed a lawsuit against Baylor for wrongful termination. Good luck with that coach. Where there is smoke, there is fire. This is wildfire out of control with no end in sight.

Fast forward to May 17, 2017. The coup de grace for anybody paying attention to this mess at Baylor was when we learned that these gang rapes were considered a “bonding experience” among the players at Baylor University.

Are you kidding me? A bonding experience? What kind of sick animals would think this is anything, but illegal.

The lawsuit suit contends that at least eight football players took turns raping a female volleyball player from Baylor. This lawsuit also alleges that a month before that, two other Baylor female students were gang raped by football players.

This brings the number of lawsuits against the Baptist school to at least seven. The suit alleges that the upperclassmen on the football team would “run trains” on these girls as a part of hazing on the freshmen football players. According to the football players this would create a “bonding experience” for the football team.

In the end, Baylor needs to get their house in order. Part of that order would be to discontinue the football program. Baylor University needs to live up their Baptist roots and take a stand for their students. Yes, they’ll lose money in the athletic department, but think of all the money they swindled out of the hands of their rabid football fans while these assaults were going on. You care about your female students don’t you Baylor? Prove it, by doing what is right. Not what is financially right.


Picture: courtesy of google