Dorf on Sports on NBC Sports Radio 1060 (4-17-17)

April 17th marked the local airwaves debut on Dorf on Sports, featuring Andy Dorf and Jeff Rich.

With the NBA and NHL Playoffs in full swing, the duo discussed expectations and what to read from the Game 1s in the NBA.  Seth Everett joined the show in Hour 1 to address his distaste for the league and speak to global growth of our North American sports.

Hour 2 featured a little more local flavor, with Channel 12 Sports’ Bruce Cooper joining the program.  Dorf and Bruce have a little bit of history, as Andy was not shy about accusing Bruce of drinking the local Kool-Aid in Phoenix.  Kool-Aid drinker or not, Cooper held his own in ‘selling’ the local scene, as it pertains to the Diamondbacks, Coyotes, and Suns. (Note: We’ll be sure to touch on the Cardinals’ draft prospects with Bruce next time around.)

Jeff says watch Pacers-Cavs and Capitals-Maple Leafs at 4 PM on TNT and NBC Sports, respectively.  Let the wrap-around series finale at Dodger Stadium serve as your night cap; the DBacks are trying to salvage the series split–first pitch at 7:10 on Fox Sports Arizona.



Dorf on Sports airs Monday-Friday from 9am-11am in the Phoenix market, on NBC Sports Radio AM 1060. The show's Weekend Edition airs on the web at Sports Byline USA.