Dorf on Sports, Coming to NBC Sports Radio AM 1060

After a few years of hiatus, Dorf on Sports is returning to the Valley airwaves. On April 17th, next Monday, the sports talk show will begin airing Monday thru Friday on NBC Sports AM 1060 (KDUS-Phoenix) from 9 to 11 AM. The show will give the station a steady stream of local programming, bridging Fan Rag Sports with Chris Schubert (7 to 9) and The Sportszone with Bob Kemp (11 to 2).

Veteran listeners of Phoenix sports radio may recall hearing Andy Dorf’s “Dorf on Sports” radio show over the last twenty years on KMVP, KGME, and on 1060 AM, but maybe it’s been a while. Maybe you’ve followed Dorf’s Sunday morning show on the Sports Byline USA Radio network over the past five years, but in case you’ve missed it, Dorf on Sports is dynamic show that promises to focus on sports with less ‘guy talk’.

Dorf on Sports with Andy Dorf and Jeff Rich

Andy Dorf and Jeff Rich host Dorf on Sports, premiering on NBC Sports Radio AM 1060 on April 17th at 9 AM

Dorf welcomes guests from all walks of life to give their takes–however wacky they may be–on the world of sports. The phone lines are always open to listeners, and do not expect that to change as Dorf and his long-time radio partner Jeff Rich take on this daily gig.

“When you’re in the entertainment business”, Rich explains, “the show should be geared to what the audience wants to discuss. It’s not about what the hosts want to talk about necessarily.”

Rich wants to overcome the stigma of being a fan, specifically a Cleveland fan in his case. He catches plenty of grief about his beloved Browns from the program’s lead host Dorf, an unapologetic Green Bay Packers fan in his own right. The 20-year media veteran Dorf has his allegiances, but keeps an open mind about greatness, regardless of the laundry.

Though the duo has undeniable roots in the Midwest, neither are strangers to the pulse of the sports landscape in the Valley of the Sun. Both called Phoenix home at the time of the Valley’s lone major sports championship, when the Diamondbacks bested the Yankees in seven games to claim the 2001 World Series crown. Both watched from Arizona when the Cardinals came oh-so-close in Super Bowl XLIII.

While Jeff keeps a soft spot for the local teams, he’s prepared to be honest about the situation when the going gets tough. Dorf, on the other hand, states that he’s ready to lay into these teams when they’re due certain criticisms. Other than that, the pair likes to keep it light, launching subtle jabs at each other, certain names in the sports world, and (not so subtly at) the Dallas Cowboys.

They understand the realities of the digital age and promise a strong presence on social media, especially on their Facebook and Twitter feeds. ¬†Whether listeners want to be heard on the air at 602-260-1060 or they prefer to voice their thoughts via the show’s social media outlets, Dorf on Sports promises to be a listener-driven show.




Dorf on Sports airs Monday-Friday from 9am-11am in the Phoenix market, on NBC Sports Radio AM 1060. The show's Weekend Edition airs on the web at Sports Byline USA.